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June 26 , 2021:
The Main Website Updated and More added to the Codex of Lore.

Daily Restart:

Daily Server Restart Occurs at 12:00 AM U.S. Central Standard Time

More Info:

We take our in game warning messages seriously. We hope you will too. If you see one as you are about to enter a dungeon or area in the world pay heed to it. We don't set them up for no reason. New players should avoid these areas.


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( 6/26/2021 )


ill titleWelcome To The Dark Tides !

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"Its only a matter of Time."
Orraxus the Historian


The Dark Tides is based on a pencil, paper, and dice roll playing game of our own creation. The Dark Tides server is set 1000 years after cataclysmic events nearly destroyed the world and evil is once again returning to the lands.

With an uneasy peace between the three races anything could happen. The humans and the kingdom of Obelisk being the largest, Seconded by the Elves and the kingdom of Notika, Gargoyles being the third with their city state called Firestorm.

With the Orc War coming to an end, young King Edrick Azimoth Marrying Allandra Helbane the daughter of Mordicus Helbane Leader of Freeborn, the building of the Wall along the borders of Orchelm, the naming of a new magistrate in Cariso, things seem to be returning to normal for Obelisk. Yet something seems to be a miss. The Elemental Temples are still held by Zamodius and the Nine Devils. The Magical Darkwood Trees that were created a thousand years ago to seal the evil away are dying and suffering from the darkwood blight plague. No one knows what will happen next. Will a hero or heroine arrise to once again cast off the evil? Will that hero or heroine be you?

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