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August 03, 2020, 04:43:42 PM
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Broken Things / Different Shades of Same
« on: April 27, 2020, 09:11:54 AM »

I had a suggestion, and was just curious about what people thought, and if it was a realistic ask. I know you (the staff) will read it and seriously consider it regardless if it is implemented or not, and I have to say that I deeply appreciate that. Not all shards are created equal, and you all go far above and beyond.

I have played half a dozen or more shards before finding a home here, and the majority of those I always find characters running around looking different shades of same. The meta always dictates what people wear and then they cascade some dyes over themselves to differentiate. I miss the clash of identities stretching back to OSI (and I know we are NOT nor should we become UO). Personally, I love to run around in a skirt, jester-suit, and jesterhat (*wink*) with some sandals or thigh boots. I have once been able to achieve this, but it was locked behind a pretty big paywall.

My thoughts on how to achieve this: Perhaps create item appearance change deeds for our gear. I have no idea if it would be a base change for any item or create a sliding scale, like some for clothing others for armor, what have you. I don't know how that works. Perhaps with a caveat that the item being changed is then bounded to the character (or account). That way people aren't randomly changing things, its more of a serious and intentional change. If the object was an artifact (which it probably will be) it can still be handed in for token exchange.

I hope this was clear, and I apologize if it wasn't. I am not saying the meta here necessarily dictates what people wear/use but more often than not its going to be (hooded) robes and a cloak. The sashes the doublets the footwear etc. are all lost. No more people running around in full armor suits with a sash and kilt because we need the stats provided by the robe. I am rambling now.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this and if not my exact suggestion, but perhaps a change with regard to the spirit of what I am suggesting, is possible!

Thanks for everything. <3

Say Hello / Hello! :)
« on: October 29, 2019, 08:53:43 PM »
Hi, everyone!

It is GREAT to be a player here on the shard. I feel so at home already and I have only been here for about three days? That speaks to two things: the shard itself, but possibly (in my opinion), more importantly, the people here. Each and every person I have come into contact with has had the same love of the shard that I myself am starting to share and they are not hesitant at all to lend a hand or share a nugget of information.

About myself, I am a teacher by trade and I have two little girls. One is 3yrs and one is 6 months. I am happily married and as you might imagine, my playtime is limited! I will be around as often as I can in game, but I will frequent the discord far more often. I hope to be a member here for many many moons to come and I thank you for providing this space for us to all enjoy and be a part of. :)


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