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October 31, 2020, 10:32:10 AM
News: SMF - Just Installed!
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 on: October 16, 2020, 11:47:37 PM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
Attention All crafters and people who know crafters. We will be having a contest to see who can come up with the best Equipment items. There will be several categories and subcategories. Prizes will be awarded in each subcategory. 

*All submissions must be put into a bag with a book showing which category it is for. This bag must be dropped off at my house's mailbox in Aria. The house is named Submissions House. It is located near the blacksmith and mage shop.

*If you wish to submit an entire suit of crafted gear as one submission, that is okay as well. This must be detailed in the book you provide with your submission.

*All items must be exceptional quality and bare the makers mark.

*All submissions must be in by December 31st 2020. This is the last day of the Polaris Holiday.

*You may submit as many items per category as you wish.

*Winning Submissions will not be returned, they will be placed in the museum.

*Home decoration submissions must be submitted as a book and a rune to the site you have displayed this. The home must be a customizable plot of any size and contain only craftable items to qualify.

**Staff are welcome to submit entries, but do not qualify for the grand prize/first place prizes.

Categories and Subcategories:
*Leather: runic/runic imbued/ runic enhanced/ runic enhanced and imbued

*Metal: runic/runic imbued/ runic enhanced/ runic enhanced and imbued

*Wood: runic/runic imbued/ runic enhanced/ runic enhanced and imbued

*Home Decoration

*1st place award: 10 prismatic tokens, a bag of all peerless reagents(qty 300 each), and entry into a special drawing.

*2nd place award: 7 prismatic tokens and a bag of all peerless reagents(qty 200 each)

*3rd place award: 5 prismatic tokens and a bag of all peerless reagents(qty 100 each)

We will be judging all submissions based on various things from viability of use to skill promotion. We will take many other factors into consideration, especially in the Home Decoration category

Once all submissions are in and winners are decided, all first place winners will be submitted into a drawing for the grand prize. The grand prize will be a townhouse. We will post pictures of the townhouse during the Polaris holiday.

 on: October 14, 2020, 04:52:54 PM 
Started by LittleTree - Last post by LittleTree
Hello All! I am excited to announce that The Cellar is officially reopen!
This dungeon is midlevel and the entrance and exit are two different locations.

Hope you all enjoy and Merry Wendalshen's!

 on: October 12, 2020, 12:53:57 PM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
Tonight's Restart Will take Longer then normal. I uploaded a massive amount of files as part of the Alloy Crafting releasing as Wendalshens begins.

Along with the Alloy Crafting, I have made modifications to the Ranger Barrage Spells. This modification requires you to have a ranged weapon equipped to use these spells. This was something I originally wanted to have with these spells, but at the time of creation, I was not skilled enough to do.

Also it should be noted that once the server develops a good base of crafters, we will be removing the Enhancement Deed stones from the museum. This will put them purely into the hands of the crafters.

If you would like to see what the Alloy Crafting entails click the link below:


 on: October 08, 2020, 04:52:12 AM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
On Saturday October 17th we will hold some events to celebrate Wendalshens.

All times are US Central Standard time.

10am Scavenger Hunt

7pm Scavenger Hunt

We will also be stashing several special hued tamables on this day for people to find in the world.

Happy Wendalshens

 on: September 23, 2020, 01:10:36 PM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
The in game holiday known as Wendalshens is coming! It begins October 13th and goes till October 21st. As usual if you want a holiday gift bag your account must be made 24+ hours before the holiday begins. As the holiday gets closer we will announce the Holiday event schedules.

Happy Holidays!

 on: September 09, 2020, 04:04:54 PM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
The concept of using a crafting token has been mentioned a few times now, and may be a good way to deliver rewards from the warehouse order system. Adding them to the existing BOD system would be kind of a pain in the ass, so I probably would avoid that for some time, if not entirely. Using it with the warehouse system though would be easy and cut down on waste as you said. So that may be a good solution to part of this.

 on: September 08, 2020, 08:16:06 PM 
Started by Bane - Last post by ribaldron
I've found Runic Saws and Fletching Tools so far, but not by Crafting.  Those would be cool, so that Crafters could get access to them without needing to potentially enter combat.

Also it would probably be a lot of work but you could consider adding a Crafting Token section to the Museum or another area, so that you could award tokens and have people pick things they'd like specifically - probably with a lower overall payout, but less "wasted" rewards in the process.  We already have a lot of different currencies, so why not some more?

It's a cool system but finding a niche is important.  BODs are essentially "free" to pick up.  The Warehouse Orders take a lot of value in terms of raw resources that go into them, the balance between what's "worth" doing or not is a difficult one, so finding something special that may feel worthy of working towards, while not negating existing content, to me seems like a good idea.  So far I found I guess "advanced" orders, which gave skill gain potions, which was a nice surprise.

 on: September 04, 2020, 06:24:32 PM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
With some of the Crafting stuff in the works including the Warehouse Order system(in a way similar to bods), I have been having trouble coming up with ideas for special rewards. So I will turn to players and see if you have any suggestions or ideas of things you would like to see.

You can place suggestions here or email them to me if they are extensive. you can email them to: bane@thedarktides.com

Know this, I am not interested in adding new recipes for craftable items(its kind of a pain to do). However I am willing to with enough ideas add new craftable items that would require special resources where the resource is the reward.

There is a lot of code out there for crafting extensions, custom crafts, and other related stuff, I am just more interested in adding New stuff to the Dark Tides and not having to fix or massively modify stuff to work here. So keep that in mind.

Also we do have several new crafts on the books waiting for me to have the time to code. This includes an alloy refinement system that will work with blacksmithing, and potentially include manufacturing other materials for other crafts like tailoring. So if you have ideas that might work with stuff like this, I would like to hear them.

 on: September 04, 2020, 02:28:26 PM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
We are looking for some additional help.

Send all applications to:


All Applicants must be able to put forth the time and effort to do what is needed.

If you have previous experience, please include a summary of your experiences. Including good and bad experiences. We like to know where our staff comes from, what they are used to and the stuff they didn't like about it. This information helps Tree and I become better at what we do.

If you have any screenshots of previous work/experience we would also like to see those.

All applicants must have at least a basic knowledge of the Dark Tides world. Must be able to stay in contact with us during long periods of time they cannot be online. Must maintain a player character as playing is mandatory.

The Dark Tides world is an ever growing environment with a massive amount of room for growth.
**Staff Positions are voluntary and not paid positions.**

Positions we are looking to fill.

**Event Coordinator**

this person will be responsible for running weekly events, answering pages, and in general interactions with players.

Experience preferred but not mandatory.  We have several easy to run events, and we are willing to train on how to run them as well as how to create new ones.

Additionally we may ask Event Coordinators to assist in world/dungeon spawning projects.


this person must be a self motivated individual.

Must be able to work with Deco and Project leads. Willing to learn new things. Able to take basic theme ideas and expand them to create the ideal vision.

Should have basic knowledge of Pandora's Box and UOFiddler, but not mandatory. We are willing to train the right individuals.

**Project Lead Coder**

this person must be able to take basic theme ideas and expand upon them, examples: Orc Dungeon theme, Spider Dungeon theme.

Must be self motivated and willing to work with multiple projects at one time.

Must be able to coordinate with others on designated projects, and with Deco Lead to get projects done.

Must be able to build their own test server utilizing RunUO core with Mondains Legacy and Stygian abyss. We have very strict standards on who we share our core server code with, so this person must be able to operate without it. This also serves to protect their work and interests.
This person must have a basic knowledge of Xmlspawner 2.0 as well. Part of their duties will include spawning.

Must have a general knowledge of Pandora's Box and UOFiddler as they will need to utilize them for many things including door spawning and finding item ids and bodyvalues.

Individuals applying for this position must submit working code as part of the application. This working code must be in a folder, and include 1 weapon, 1 shield, 1 basic item to be used as a stealable, and 1 mob with a weapon ability.  This code should be usable in one of our dungeons in some way shape or form. This will show us they have a basic understanding of the Dark Tides world. Extra Credit if the Item has an OnDoubleClick function, The mob has a unique ability, and a Quest Utilizing the MLQuest system and the above code in it.

The code submitted in the above application will only be used if we accept the application and take on the person as staff. Otherwise the code will not be used at all. 

**Final Notes**
As we have massive room for growth, this allows all of our staff to include and incorporate their ideas into our world. Tree and I take all suggestions/ideas seriously, however we also understand that not all good ideas will fit. We have had to shit can many of our own good ideas because they just didn't fit with the vision of the world. We have had to accept this and have also had to look at something we have built and realize it wasn't right and have had to redo it. We are not afraid to redo something and neither should you. What we have found is that usually this strengthens are abilities to make the right stuff and in turn have to redo stuff less. In other words, we learn from our mistakes, and we know our staff will make their own mistakes. We expect it. Its how we grow.

 on: August 31, 2020, 10:40:02 PM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
So lets start with the basic stuff first.

Terra Gold has been updated to help with the issue with weird stack sizes. If you have a stack of Terra Gold that is 60k or higher, you may now double left click it to turn 60k Terra Gold into 1 Terra Gold Note. Terra Gold Notes look like a hued scroll and are stackable. If you double left click a Terra Gold Note it will give you 60k Terra Gold. This will allow for easy storage of your extra Terra Gold. We may at some point in the future also use Terra Gold Notes as a form of currency.

Terra Gold may now also be used to buy single Quest Tokens in the museum on the Terra Gold Tier 2 stone for 500 Terra Gold.

Prismatic Tokens are now available to buy with gold from Braeda and Quin in Aria. When buying these you must remember you will either need the gold on you or in your bank, the vendor code does not pull from bank checks so if its in your bank it must not be in check form.

The Items from the Special Dungeon Bonus Chests for Demise and Devil's Gate have been added to the Lost Artifacts room in the museum. You can also now trade them in for Lost Artifact Tokens.

Darkhold is now open and is the first Dungeon in The Forest of Despair. Be advised that finding Darkhold will be tricky. In the Spirit of the forest, dying inside Darkhold will return you to the entrance area of Darkhold. Darkhold is not a very large dungeon.

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