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April 08, 2020, 06:44:42 PM
News: SMF - Just Installed!
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 on: Today at 03:31:37 AM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
Currently our internet service provider is performing maintenance for the next 3 hours. I'm kind of up set about this as they gave me only 30 minutes of warning. They said to expect slow internet and down time. Hopefully the down time is very limited. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

 on: Today at 02:09:24 AM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
I wanted To Say Congrats to all those who completed the First Rising Holiday Maze. The rewards and tickets have been given out. I also wanted to say and extra Congrats to Morwen for winning the drawing of the Stone of Rebirth.

The First Rising Maze will open again next year!

 on: Today at 02:02:45 AM 
Started by VanMan - Last post by Bane
So First I will address Bladeweave. As it is coded, damage is scaled by Anatomy and Arms Lore. So the higher those skills the more damage it will do. The damage assignment has no damage type which means it would ignore resistances. Keep in mind Our server core is fairly old. This means not everything is going to be UO specific. Which we really are not going for either. The damage you are doing with it does seem to be light. Im going to assume you probably have Anatomy GM'd but not Arms Lore. If you can GM Arms Lore and then get back to me on how much damage it does, I will consider changing the equation to make it do more. I have not done any tweaks to any of the weapon abilities in the past so for now I would prefer to put my focus elsewhere then trying to make it match UO. Honestly I think if I did do anything to it more then just changing the equation, I think I would try to make it more appropriate for Dark Tides then to make it match UO.

The Wakizashi topic. There actually is two artifact wakizashi the Terra Sword(minor artifact) and Magma Dipped Blade(lost artifact from volcanic temple).

I am not opposed to adding more in the future. Thanks for the Input. We always listen to it and try to respond to it in some way. I like having this stuff here because it allows me to revisit it at any time.

 on: April 07, 2020, 09:38:28 PM 
Started by VanMan - Last post by VanMan
I'll try to post anything in this same thread I find myself here as well.

So, small things I have noticed. Very small things thus far and I am only pointing out 2 things at the moment.

1. There are no wakizashi artifact weapons that I see. I personally would love to see one or two as I think they are an amazingly viable if not the best weapon. They have 2 great abilities that would help drastically. The first is a bushido ability which is Frenzied Strike, and the secondary is Double Strike. It's an awesome weapon to have.

2. I do not think Bladeweave is actually working as it should on the Radiant Blades. I do believe it is suppose to pick a different ability at random each attack. Essentially cycling through different abilities, however this is not the case. Bladeweave does the same ability every time and it's extremely low dmg. I think I generally see mine do 15 damage.

That's it, my two baby gripes I have seen. You know I love this place! Thanks for everything. Anything I find or would like to request I will put it here!

 on: April 07, 2020, 02:17:19 AM 
Started by Sakuya - Last post by Sakuya
Thank you for teaching me Polite!

 on: April 07, 2020, 02:02:20 AM 
Started by Sakuya - Last post by Bane
Gregor the Thief Guildmaster is in Aria, He is located at the Inn.

Nona the Thief in Noticia. She is in the woods area of town on the north side of the mountain with the lake and island in the middle.

Keona the Thief in Firestorm on the west side of town at the Variety Dealer.

 on: April 07, 2020, 01:38:21 AM 
Started by Bane - Last post by Bane
Today is the last day of the First Rising Holiday. After the next restart I will begin to hand out rewards for completing the maze. If you recall, I did say you only needed one ticket and here is the reason why. I will be deleting all existing tickets. The ones everyone grabbed were a temporary item. Because of everything that was going on including issues with our back up system taking forever, making the restarts take way to long, I was pretty busy and didn't have time to properly code an Item.

Each person who completed the maze will get one replacement ticket which you can see an example of on the discord announcements channel. It will feature your players name on it. This will replace the old ticket during next years holiday as well. Each person who completed the maze will also get 5 artifact tokens. If you chose to trade these in for prismatic tokens from Gerik the Historian of Artifacts, please remember to do so one at a time. Everyone who is eligible and has completed the maze will also be automatically entered into a drawing for a Stone of Rebirth Artifact. Only one person will win this.

To make my job easier, if you could please place all of your tickets either in your inventory or in one container in your house, it will speed up the process for me to reward people. I will announce the winner of the Stone of Rebirth After Everything else is done and cleaned up.

Lastly I would like to say All of the staff were pretty happy with how this holiday has turned out. While they were not our original plans, Seeing everyone having fun during deco scavenger hunts and searching for special hued tamables, was pretty cool. We will try to include more of these types of thing in future holiday events. I hope you all had a blast and I hope to see all of you in game!

 on: April 07, 2020, 12:45:50 AM 
Started by Sakuya - Last post by Sakuya
Unfortunately I Not select stealing in the first skill selection, so I decided to Train the skill from 0.
where can find stealing trainer?

 on: April 05, 2020, 03:17:48 PM 
Started by Seraphina - Last post by Seraphina
Once I got over the initial shock lol, was very impressed with the kindness of others to help put me back on my feet.

I am one to live and learn from my mistakes and take ownership of them, sometimes like in real life though good things do indeed come at a risk and we have to keep pressing on when we fall, going for a cuppa and revisiting the situation with a fresh pair of eyes helped too :)

 on: April 05, 2020, 01:40:39 PM 
Started by Seraphina - Last post by Bane
Honestly this is something incredibly difficult to respond to for several reasons. While it is not a bad idea for a gump type prompt, making any modifications to this system would require a reboot of existing enhancement counts due to how that information is stored. The system was designed the way it is so I wouldn't have to take the challenge of trying to make a core modification to the base item code which if done wrong would cause serious issues and many of those issues would not appear until something conflicted. The Original system we had when we first opened to the public had said issues and more. Which was why I completely rewrote it. For the record I did not write the original system. If this suggestion had popped up then I would have considered it but probably said no to taking away the risk factors. Enhancing anything is very much a buyer beware scenario. There should always be risks involved with making an item more potent. Enhancement deeds do warn you multiple times prior to item lose.

All that being said, I do know the pain of losing items to enhancement. While I recommend people keep track of their enhancements, I personally can be terrible at it and have lost a lot.

To you Seraphina and anyone else who reads this, many players including tree and I, keep extra gear and do not always turn everything in. If you experience any loss from things like enhancement or due to dying in a dungeon or place where maybe you should have reconsidered early on but decide to risk it anyway, many of us are more then willing to try and help you get back on your feet. you just need to ask, be patient, and try to keep moving forward even if you have to use some crap gear for awhile. This is something I tell my own kids even, and they also follow the same practices of hanging onto some of the gear they get. If someone helps you when you fall just remember to pay it forward, because those who help someone who falls are often the people who make this server so great. Its the reason some people stay. Even if they have never been helped, just seeing others help each other in times of need can make that much of a difference. So don't be afraid to ask.

Seraphina Good Ideas are always welcome, even if they can't really be used.

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