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June 02, 2020, 07:36:26 PM
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Author Topic: Zoo Addon and Community Collects  (Read 494 times)


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Zoo Addon and Community Collects
« on: August 03, 2019, 01:12:09 AM »

We are happy to Inform everyone that the Zoo has been added onto. We have added areas for new animals to be displayed. We have also added the Zoo Community Collections Box. This is a modified version of the Moonglow Zoo Community Collections. We have removed the title rewards for now, but have left the zoo members clothing and armor pieces as rewards. All the item names will reflect the Britannia Royal Zoo or similar until we get time to update the cliloc.enu files for it in a patch, Hopefully that will be done with the next one.

To get points with this community collections box, you just need to transfer specific pets to the box with the transfer pet command. As your points build you can earn the rewards, as the community collections points go up, new tiers will be rewarded. New tiers will add animals to the Zoo! Below is a list of the animals and points you get for transferring them. Its not very clear in the Donation Box Gump.

Gold  1 per 15
Bank Check 1 per 15                  
DireWolf 30         
TimberWolf 30      
GreyWolf 30
WhiteWolf 30
IceHound 40
HellHound 50
TenebrisWolf 40
TenebrisAlphaWolf 60
BloodWolf 40
ForestFox 200
AbyssalFox 200
ShadowHound 300
NightHound 300
KyroHound 300
Slimes 45
PolarBear 45
SpiritCat 300
EmeraldTiger 300
ShadowLion 300
Momo 400
Unicorn 250
Kirin 250
Nightmare 250
FireSteed 250
SwampDragon 250
SilverSteed 250
Mortilus 150
ArmoredMortilus 250
AncientMortilus 350
ShadowMortilus 400
DireMortilus 400
IncendiaMortilus 400
AbyssalSteed 250
NightWhisper 250
VortexBear 350
WastelandRaptor 150
CaveRaptor 150
NightRaptor 250
FieryDurka 250
Ridgeback 50
SavageRidgeback 100
LesserHiryu 150
Hiryu 250
BarkhornDragon 300
RuneBeetle 300
FireBeetle 300
Beetle 300
DroneBeetle 500
TyrantBeetle 400
SteelBeetle 300
TravellersBeetle 300
DemonBeetle 300
GoldenBeetle 300
MossBeetle 300
IronBeetle 200
Ignissoid 500
Baby (fire, ice, lunar, night, stone, blitz) Dragons 200
Young (fire, ice, lunar, night, stone, blitz) Dragon 300
(fire, ice, lunar, night, stone, blitz) Dragon 400
Elder (fire, ice, lunar, night, stone, blitz) Dragon 500
Ancient (fire, ice, lunar, night, stone, blitz) Dragon 600
Demon Dragon 700

If anyone has suggestions or ideas as to rewards we could/should add to this system let us know in the appropriate place on the forum!