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June 02, 2020, 07:09:12 PM
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Author Topic: EnhancementDeeds and More News!!!!  (Read 417 times)


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EnhancementDeeds and More News!!!!
« on: September 16, 2019, 09:08:04 PM »

I have Removed the Quest Token Stone that sold Enhancement Deeds from the Museum. Many of you know that there has been issues with the deeds getting constructed when purchased(as in not at all). Some of the deeds also had Zero Values. This was the reason I had the book there describing the risk you take by trying to buying them. This was not a system I created. I tried very hard to find all the issues but couldn't figure out how to fix all of them. Recently I have discovered where all those ones "that players never got, including me" that gave the error message about the item not being constructable, actually all went. They spawned on the internal map instead of players bags(which isn't good). So as per the removal I have created NPC's who will have the title "Obelisk Collections Officer" which I will be placing in several locations following tonight's restart. You will be able to turn in all of your unused Enhancement Deeds For a small amount of gold and a quest token. While this is not a full refund, It is still something. You will have till September 30th to turn them in.  Oct 1st I will be deleting any of the old deeds still left on the server and removing the collections officers(we may use the collections officers again for special events).

As such I have created my own enhancement system, right now it is only the core system and 3 deeds. I am not doing this the same way as the old system was done, because well, it kind of sucks, great idea, but terribly buggy and not as user friendly as it appears to be at first glance. The new system will work the same in essence, You will have a maximum amount of times you can enhance an item. you will get a warning when that amount draws near. My warning will actually reflect accurate numbers. My version will not produce randomized deeds like the old system was designed to do. Which by the way also made it impossible for us to use specific deeds as quest rewards without modifying the system and other code. With my system I am working on, you will actually be able to buy specific deeds. They will be set with individual prices, and like the old system, if you enhance an item too much it will destroy it. So it will have limits. I will be including all the properties that were missing such as the eaters, resonance, casting focus, balanced, and velocity. What I am not including is Slayers. I stumbled upon a very solid system someone else masterfully made that handles adding slayers and also allows one to remove them so you can change them as well. This slayer deed system will very much compliment the Enhancement Deed System I am working on. I will try and have both these systems in place shortly after the full removal of the old enhancement system.

We are also Working on Releasing a new Reward System that rewards players for time logged in. It will reward players "Terra Gold Coins" named after the world that is our main map. Once implemented it will reward you every 30 mins you are logged in. What we are still working on with this system is actually what players are going to be able to buy with it. The plan is to have it multi faceted include things you can normally buy with gold such as resources, as well as being able to buy certain deco items, and other unique items not found on the other stones. This way if someone has a bad hunt they still might be able to get something for there time, as we appreciate the time you players spend being players.

We have recently implemented a Global Death Announcement that includes special karma based messages. How it works is, when you die, it announces to everyone you have died. there is a few generic messages, a few good karma messages, and a few negative karma messages. We thought its was fun, and have already had a few laughs from it too.

For the last week, while recovering from my surgery and unable to go to work, I have had a lot of time to look at scripts I've collected over the years to see if there's anything I could do with them. This has increased my skill and increased the number of new things we will be putting into place soon and there is a lot of it. The above is just a taste of what is coming.