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September 18, 2020, 01:28:41 AM
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Author Topic: Runic Hammers and Basic info about new resources  (Read 613 times)


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Runic Hammers and Basic info about new resources
« on: December 23, 2019, 11:20:24 PM »

After tonight's restart, runic hammers will start appearing with more uses. This is due to how the code determines uses based on resources. To allow the new hammers to have a reasonable amount of uses. I decided to up all the original hammer types uses.

For the old hammers I highly recommend not trading them up beyond verite or valorite at the Hammer trader. Both these hammers still have a decent spead of properties added and reasonable uses. If you trade up old hammers beyond this you will see a drastic loss of uses.

If you trade used hammers into the Hammer Trader you will not get a brand new hammer, the uses on the hammer you receive will be based on uses left on the hammers traded.

List of hammers and new uses by resource

dull copper 100
shadow iron 95
copper 90
bronze 85
gold 80
agapite 75
verite 70
valorite 65

if unused hammers are trade up for the new ones(only way to get these)

ebonrock 60
divine 55
demonyte 50
dark steel 45
myrite 40
star metal 35

boosting this high will allow for future hammers and metals to be created(if we choose to) without having to make adjustments again.

so here is a list of the minimum skill requirement to mine the new resources.

ebonrock 99.0
divine 104.0
demonyte 108.0
dark steel 112.0
myrite 116.0
star metal 120.0

again this allows room for growth later if we decide to add more.

Lastly this is just the first installment of what we have planned. We do have a lot of work ahead of us both in craft systems and other content. Including concept ideas for a new sort of BOD system. Hope you all enjoy the new resources.


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Re: Runic Hammers and Basic info about new resources
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2020, 12:25:49 AM »

I apparently forgot that the colored dungeon chests that have a chance for runic hammers don't construct normally. A fix to this has been put in, and will take effect 1/18/2020. So hammers created in these special chests will reflect the correct uses after that.