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February 24, 2020, 05:01:42 PM
News: SMF - Just Installed!

Author Topic: Just a few updates  (Read 64 times)


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Just a few updates
« on: February 07, 2020, 04:50:29 AM »

Recently it was discovered a couple keys had duplicate key values allowing certain keys to open doors in other locations that were not intended. This has been sorted out. The keys effected by this were Helsmoth Cave Key and Shadow Temple Key. Helsmoth Cave Key was given a new value and the doors it opened in Helsmoth were changed to match. So if you have not gotten a Shadow Temple Key but were going in there without it, you will need to get the key now.

Modaen Complex has new Dynamics Now as well as 3 keys. One on each of the non- champ levels. You will have to find these as well as solve a riddle to enter the champ areas.

An Update on the Status Pets Project
(Nothing Implemented Yet, All will be implemented at the same time)

Currently I have stalled on the quests, so I have been working on other aspects of the project. When they are re-released as mentioned before the followers they take will go up, as will the prism pets. Pet Slot Deeds will be getting a cap of 150. There is no raw max follower property so if you frequently wear gear that boosts your max followers I recommend removing it before using a pet slot deed. Gear that boosts your max followers will allow you to go past this cap once this is implemented.

We Will be introducing a New World Map with this called the Forest of Despair. This will not be an easy map to navigate. It is pretty much a giant forest with one central town called Despair. Once In the forest of Despair it will be difficult to leave as Dimensional Shards will not work there. You will have to kill certain mobs to collect 8 Soul of the Forest Gems to create the Soul of the Forest to open the portal to leave and return to the land of Terra. There will not be a direct route to get there either. There will be strange mists that appear in forests(once implemented) that will teleport you there. These mists are very difficult to see and they can teleport any animal, monster, or player(including stray pets) It should be noted that the Bell of Summoning cannot summon pets from the Forest of Despair if they end up there.

Mobs will be added in dungeons and across Terra that will have the ability to send pets and players to the Forest of Despair. These will be uncommon/rare. Most of these Mobs will not be very strong, and will not always do this. However the sooner you can kill it if you find one of these, the better.

In the Forest of Despair you will not find any wandering holy people that can resurrect you, unless one wanders into some mist. However it wont really matter, If you die, you will be transported back to the central town of Despair no matter where in the forest you are.

There will be special tamables found only in the Forest of Despair and maybe a few items too. Haven't decided on the items yet, but those can always be added in later if needed.