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February 24, 2020, 05:32:25 PM
News: SMF - Just Installed!

Author Topic: Tonight's Restart Issue and a Little Update on New things just around the corner  (Read 38 times)


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Tonight with restart we had a very unusual issue with a bad serial on a playermobile. This resulted in an issue with the townhome system making it appear that the issue was caused by someone demolishing a townhome. However this was not the case at all. The bad serial was actually caused by a recent change to a quest. Honestly I don't even know how I thought to test this, but upon doing so i found the real issue. Apparently an old account (not quiet to the inactive account clean up) still carried this quest which has been inactive for a long time. Upon changing the quest, It created a faulty serial on the character, when the server went to delete this, it demolished the townhome that belonged to the character, but no bank existed to move items from the house to. In the process of just getting the server up I removed all the recent code changes. All in all we lost 15 minutes due to having to revert to a save just prior to restart. To top it all off the server computer decided it needed windows updates tonight as well. So its been a headache for me tonight. All code changes were put back in with the fixes, except the quest change. So this means all the current projects nearing completion can continue to move forward.

I greatly apologize for the inconvenience of tonight. 

On a more positive note in the next few days we will be releasing a few new things.

The First is the new type of escortable NPC's. We will refer to this as the Lost Children. As soon as we have the chance to start spawning them, you will start seeing children in unusual places. Some will be found in dungeons. These kids have are either lost or have been kidnapped and are just trying to get home. The Lost Children are essentially an extension of the Stuffed Animals and Action Figures Drag Drop Quests. Upon bringing them to where they are wanting to go, you will receive a reward of one of their toys and you will gain some compassion.

All of the code directly related to the Forest of Despair is now complete. This means I can now try and move forward with the revamp of the Status Pets quests and the special mobs that can send pets to the Forest of Despair(which is the only things left to do). Once released there will be 4 new tamable creates only found in the Forest of Despair. The panda(mount), The Forest Boar(mount), The Marsh Dragon(mount), and The Forest Dire Wolf(non-mountable cusidhe body). The Forest Dire Wolf will be the most common of the 4, although I am expecting them to not exactly be easy to find either. There will also be 1 quest when we release it as well. It is a one time quest, but it will give you a clue as to where to start when trying to get out of the Forest.