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July 12, 2020, 05:58:50 PM
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Author Topic: Charity Donation House  (Read 118 times)


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Charity Donation House
« on: May 04, 2020, 11:13:59 PM »

I would like to start by saying that all donations to the Charity Donation House are appreciated!!

With that said I feel that I do need to say that some items that are donated are not appropriate for us to put into the donation house.
-Pets: Those need to be donated to the zoo. The more pets we have donated to the zoo the more animals we see in the zoo. (For a full list of what can be donated to the zoo please see the following post: http://www.thedarktides.com/forum/index.php?topic=111.0 ) For a starting player they have no idea what they need for skills for any pet in the Dark Tides World. I wouldn't want a new player taking a pet and it going wild on them, because they do not have the required skill for said pet.
-Minor Artifacts, Stealable Gear, Keys, and Quest Reward Gear: These items are all acquired in game some how and most times these items have a lot more bonuses then an item that would generally drop on a monster. This could be the opposite of helpful to a new player who is trying to work up their skills. This is why these items can be obtained by people in game when they have the skills to be able to acquire them on their own.

Please do keep in mind that all donations are appreciated and needed to help players progress their chars at all different points in game. This depends player to player and when/how they decide to train their char. This is why the donation house is open to everyone and not just new players. Someone who reaches elemental god status may not have taken time to train up crafting skills and may need a little help and that is ok. This is what the donation house is for, to help those who need it.

In addition to the donation chests at each bank, I am sure you have all see the 4 chests set up just outside the doors of the donation house. If you have a larger bag of donation items or items that will not be taken by the donation chests this is where you can place these items for your convenience. An item like a quiver cannot be donated at a donation chest by a bank, because they are considered a container.

If you have questions concerning the donation house and what is appropriate to donate please contact me and we can discuss those questions. I am glad so many have taken the time to donate items everyone who visits the donation house for help Thanks you!!