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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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Did you know that we have stealable moongates, ankhs, and trash barrels?


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( 8/23/2019 )


ill titleWelcome To The Codex of Lore !

Here you can find a lot of information about The Dark Tides world of Terra. This section is still under construction, but more is coming.



ill titleGeneral World Info

There are many stealable items, lootable treasure chests, hidden areas, and custom music made by us. More then a dozen champion spawn areas and peerless type monsters. Several truly custom Items, special spell systems, lots of custom tamables including mounts. Elemental Damage types play a major role as well. ill_2

We have lots of quests, dungeons, places of interest, and interesting npc's. While we are still new and growing there is still plenty of content. It is a new world for people to explore, challenge, and conquer. So, do you have what it takes?

ill titleGeneral Caps

Most of these can be seen by using the command [Charstats in game. Many of these caps are also relative to circumstances.

*Damage Increase: No Cap
*Spell Damage Increase: No Cap Pvm / PVP?
*Regen Hits 18
*Regen Mana 18
*Regen Stam 24
*Faster Cast 6
*Faster Cast Recovery 8
*Lower Mana Cost 60
*Lower Reagent Cost 100
*Hit Chance Increase 45
*Defend Chance Increase 45
*Swing Speed capped at 1 swing per Second
*Damage Type Eaters Cap at 30
*Casting Focus 30
*Reflect Physical Damage 100

ill title8 x 8 Skills List

Here is a list of all the 8x8 Skills. To get gains you need to move at least 8 tiles, and/or switch targets/location after you gain 0.9 in the skill being used or target something 9 times. This will vary from skill to skill. This system also remembers your targets/locations for 3 minutes. The Best way to macro these skills is in a moving boat covering large distances. If you look at the world map on the website you will notice that there are a few areas you can easily sail from and hit the world wrap without obstruction besides possible sea life and pirates. So we recommend bringing only throw away gear or supplies, incase you die.

*Anatomy * AnimalLore * ItemID
*ArmsLore * Begging * Peacemaking
*Camping * DetectHidden * Discordance
*EvalInt * Healing * Fishing
*Forensics * Herding * Hiding
*Provocation * Lockpicking * Magery
*MagicResist * Mysticism * Snooping
*Musicianship * Poisoning * SpiritSpeak
*Stealing * AnimalTaming * TasteID
*Tracking * Veterinary * Lumberjacking
*Mining * Meditation * Stealth
*RemoveTrap * Necromancy * Chivalry
*Bushido * Ninjitsu * Spellweaving


ill titleAndromeda Map Release

We are Happy To Announce The Release Of The Andromeda Map. You may now travel there by using the Crystal Gate near Aria Farm. Other locations do exist. Download Image Link in the Right Panel.


ill titleCrafting Contest Grand Prize

Nortrune Manor Townhouse was given out at the end of Polaris Holiday 2020 as the Grand Prize for the crafting contest. Here are some screenshots of it.





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