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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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Did you know that we have stealable moongates, ankhs, and trash barrels?


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( 8/23/2019 )


ill titleDiscord Rules

Our Discord Server Rules are fairly lax. We basically ask that people try and be polite, and keep things pg-13.

1.) No Advertising

2.) No use of sexually suggestive comments

3.) No Harassment, Stalking, Trolling

4.) No Inappropriate GIFS or Photos

5.) No excessive use of swear words

ill titleServer Rules

This may be edited or modified at any time. We will note changes in messages of the day and/or on the forum.

1.) AFK, We allow pretty much most forms of afk scripting. We ask that if you chose to do this, that you at least monitor your character every so often. If you chose to afk farm monsters however, we will act to make it not worth it for you to do. If you chose to afk monsters, it must be a monster that is not part of some quest, a peerless, a champ, or whatever people are frequently trying to hunt. This means you need to find a lowly spawn that's out of the way. If you are afk crafting, you should be in your own house. If you are afk harvesting be aware that we will monitor this. If your afk harvesting script begins to effect regular non-afk players who are trying to harvest we will tell you to move your script to a more less traveled area. If that is not possible we will ask you to run your harvest script less often. Players who are actually at their computers are priority over those who afk frequently. If you are afk but not doing anything at all it is not banned but, we may, if we decide to, disconnect you after 2 hours of afk to prevent exploitations. AFK Training of Status Pets is not allowed, in any fashion. First Offense, Pets will be removed from Dungeon/Location. Second Offense, Pets will have their KP docked back 2 Levels worth. Third Offense Pet will be deleted.

2.) You are allowed to own upto 5 houses. If you want to buy a house join deed from the token stones in the museum, you will need to buy 1 per house join. if you want 3 houses joined that is 2 deeds. also houses must be lined up east to west for us to do this. We will not join houses that are lined up north to south. this causes issues with house signs. Staff is required for house joining.

3.) We will not tolerate trolling of any kind. Not by anyone, including our staff. You will receive no more then 3 warnings, and depending on the form of trolling you may just get less. We define trolling as specifically trying to harm the mental state of other players, res killing, or in any other way trying to completely disrupt ones ability to play or to cause a player to quit. (pvp taunts are not considered trolling if done with good sportsmanship in mind. If you are a pvper we ask that you be respectful and recognize when taunting has gone too far. An apology for going too far is sometimes the best course of action if it was truly meant. We want all forms of players to feel welcome) We ask that if someone feels like they are being trolled, to first ask the offending player to stop and be specific with them as to what they are doing that causes offense. If you are the offending player, take heed of what is said by the other player. This will hopefully dispel misunderstandings before they need to have staff involvement. If this does not stop the trolling, the victim of trolling should email Bane directly at please include your time of day including time zone, the offending players name and any other information you can give us. This will allow us to view logs and review the situation as best as possible before making a decision as to what course of action is needed. All players are reminded that some kids do play here so this should be remembered when dealing with other players. (Currently No Locations for PVP exist, but this will change in the future).

4.) Bugs/Exploits, we ask that players report any weird bugs, exploits, or items they feel may be wrong. This can be done on the forum, or in game if staff is available. Depending on the situation and nature of the issues a reward may be given. As staff we sometimes miss stuff. It is hard work trying to make a server like this, and we want it to be fair for all that play here. We feel that when players work hard to help us staff, they should be rewarded. So as already said, depending on the situation and nature of the issue a reward may be given. If a player is found to be knowingly exploiting a flaw/bug they will first be warned(we will warn you only once) If exploiting continues, we will take action against the player. These actions will be determined by the nature of the exploit and could lead to banning, account deletion, loss of items, or many other things in any combination.

5.) Jail. In our experience with being staff on other servers, We have never seen a case where jailing someone did any real good. They will just go play somewhere else till the jail time is over. So we don't have a jail, and no one will ever be jailed. That being said, break our rules, or piss staff off enough, you might just find your character naked and under a tombstone with your character's name on it. In all seriousness though, We find that the loss of possessions in game is a greater motivator to would be violators. We are not difficult to get along with, so it would take something pretty extreme or repeated violations to get to this point.

6.) Bane regularly checks the logs. This means he pretty much know almost everything that goes on. He do miss some stuff, but he sees a lot, and knows a lot of what goes on. This not only ensures the honesty of our staff, but allows him to watch for cheaters as well. We greatly respect honesty and good sportsmanship. So if we ask you a question, just be honest and respectful with your answer. It goes a long way in our book. Cheaters will get the stiffest penalties we can imagine and dish out.

7.) Only one account per IP address. If you have more then one person in your household that wishes to play, please speak with staff about the issue. If you have a dynamic ip address and you think we wont notice, we suggest you think again. we will find out. Donators within reason can request a second account, a good reason is advised when placing this request. Violators of this rule will be warned, and continued violations will result in the second account's deletion. If it happens again after this, all accounts will be deleted. The only exemption to this rule is for staff's ability to test properly.

8.) Account Inactivity. Accounts that have been inactive for 6 months(183 days) will be deleted. If you have an account that has no characters for more then 30 days it will be considered inactive. Donators receive account protection status. This prevents their accounts from going inactive. If life events take you away from playing and you think you may end up in danger of this, contacting Bane or Little Tree may make a difference.

9.) Lastly, have fun!

Thanks for choosing The Dark Tides.

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