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September 21, 2021, 10:34:09 PM
News: SMF - Just Installed!

Author Topic: Important Dark Tides News!  (Read 174 times)


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Important Dark Tides News!
« on: July 02, 2021, 03:41:39 PM »

Please Read The Whole Thing It Includes Our Plan And Direction For The Future Of The Dark Tides!

As many of you know, we have been talking about shifting over to using ClassicUO Client instead of the traditional UO Client. This will be occurring soon. There are several reasons we are doing this. The ability to customize the client is far greater with ClassicUO then the traditional UO Client. It also clears away one of the bigger copyright issues that could be presented if the makers of UO actually decided to care.

There are some really cool features with the classicuo client such as the ability to zoom in and out on the game window. There is a nice world map feature that is in addition to the usual mini map feature. The client is a work in progress so it does have some minor issues that occasionally pop up. Some of those issues I would be able to fix, and others would need to be reported to the classicuo makers and added to their lists. ClassicUO offers the ability for us to potentially add more mounts then we would be able to with the traditional UO Client as well as potentially in the future add other things including new gear art and animations without replacing existing stuff. Which in my mind is a significant deal. Hands down it opens a whole new world of possibilities that the current client(traditional client) does not allow us. It is also more stable from my experience then the traditional client we have been using.

We will be uploading the download to the most up to date version of the ClassicUO Client with some slight modifications to it once a few other things are complete. The install package I have created for it works much better then the one we have been using with the traditional client, and it will include instructions on how to set it up as well as instructions being put on our website. With the install package there will be an option to use files that launch either Razor or Classic Assist. The Razor Version that will be with this does include scripting capabilities, and Classic Assist is similar to UOSteam.

Of course this will require time to move everyone over, and for people to start figuring out how to use the scripting functions of both assistant programs. We have a forum section for people to add scripts, but in the near future I will make that area a bit more defined so that it can be separated by assistant programs. We encourage players to start checking all of this stuff out once I get the newer version uploaded in the near future. There is an older version currently on the website but that only includes Classic Assist. Once I can find an easy way to include Razor Enhanced as an option in this install package, it will get included, but I have not found a way as of yet.

Also as part of all this, there will be a massive update/overhaul to the website that will be made at the same time. The change to the downloads/clients as previously described hinges on some of these changes to the website. These updates will include many dungeons being added to the codex of lore, brief summaries of the custom spell systems being added to the magic section that is currently not available, updates to the Status Deeds page to include the newer Lunar Status Levels, and as much more as I can in the next few days. Once I am able to these changes to the website will be made all at once. I will post another news announcement at that time.

One of the most significant changes to the dungeons pages is that I have added a section to the end of each page that shows what the bonus chest looks like for that dungeon. As a reminder some of the hues of them are similar to the hues of the standard chests, so remember to keep that in mind.

There will also be a big update to the page describing the Museum. It will include information about the museum, about the trade in system, and about the different tokens and currencies.

With these updates and the new client we plan to give roughly 6 months before we plan to release a patch. Significant work has already been done to change the art used for land masses, such as grass, dirt, mountains, desert, forest ground, and jungle ground. This work will be included for sure into that first patch. I have in the past shared screen shots of some of this work. We have art for new trees as well but I am not sure if that will be included in that first patch, as they still need a bunch of work to make them fully useable with our client. Once we start making patches again, but after the first one, you should expect to see changes in the art of some of the existing stuff and animations. This is because one of our goals has always been to create our own game and break away from Ultima. I have take steps to gain commercial right to a massive amount of art and animations(17.4 gigs worth currently) which will slowly trickle into use after that first patch, and I am very excited for it. There is some really awesome stuff that will give us the power to create some really cool areas and cool looking monsters.

None of this stuff is in place yet, but will be soon. When I have uploaded the new website changes and download changes, I will make another news announcement.

For those of you who might be iffy about all these changes coming, we sincerely hope you decide to stick with us on our journey and continue to enjoy the Dark Tides world as it grows into what it was always meant to be.