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October 28, 2021, 03:31:54 AM
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Crystal Gate System
« on: August 11, 2021, 04:16:41 PM »

An Issue popped up the other day with the Crystal Gate system caused by the timer that closes the control gump after two minutes. While the issue was a fluke, It is one that might occur again in the future at some point. After exploring all the possible causes in the code, I can safely safe that there isn't one. I am unable to replicate the issue and the code itself appears sound and without errors. Just a set of extraordinary circumstances triggered it. In any case, I don't like gambling with server integrity even with something that is not likely to occur except on the rarest of chances. So we will be removing the system entirely from the server in the near future.

Currently there is a temporary portal in the museum that leads to Shivaun in Andromeda, and vice versa. This does not solve the issue of how to get between the worlds in the long run. So I will be modifying the Obelisk Gate and Shifting Gate into one system. It will be called "World Gate" which will replace all Obelisk Gates(including stolen ones) automatically after I upload and a restart occurs. All the Shifting Gates(not counting stolen ones) will be removed and replaced with World Gates. We will not delete any stolen Shifting Gates so those that have them will get to keep them.

All that said, I am looking for suggestions on potential locations people might want to see added to the World Gate system. Here is a list of all locations that I am currently going to add:

Obelisk Gate Locations
Shifting Gate Locations
All Current Crystal Gate Locations

Locations I am thinking about adding:

Also If anyone has any suggestions as to what sort of things you would like to see facility wise for training skills let me know those as well.

If you have suggestions please post here in the next couple of days or direct message me over discord with your suggestion please.
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