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October 28, 2021, 03:17:23 AM
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Author Topic: Holiday Update!  (Read 68 times)


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Holiday Update!
« on: October 11, 2021, 08:02:08 PM »

Wendalshens will be a bit different then the last couple of holidays. There will not be some sort of major pvm event. Instead, I spent more time working on some of the items you will be able to acquire and some of the structure for future plans for Wendalshens.

The Mobs that will be spawning around both the Terra Map and the Andromeda Map will not be all that strong. So for you Elemental Gods, they will be pretty easy. Please Note that these mobs are not feedable. If you are a crafter, and have decent crafted gear you should be able to take on most of them if not all.

Werewolves will be spawning along roads and other wilderness areas. They will appear as a humanoid murderer at first. If you don't 1 hit kill them, there is a chance that they will transform into a "werewolf" taking 1 of 4 forms. There is a chance drop werewolf loot chest from them. Possible Items are the Werewolf's Cowl, Belt, and Claws. The Werewolf's Cowl is the key item of the 3 and you cannot equip the belt and claws without it. If you double click the cowl while it is equipped you will transform into a werewolf, allowing you to equip the other two items. Bonus via this equipment is based on your status level, meaning that it is adaptable and grows with you. Remember if you choose to enhance this equipment, do not enhance the properties that change when equipped/unequipped. Also all the werewolf items are cursed.

The plan for the werewolf theme for Wendalshens, is to eventually tie in Lycanthropy to the Status Level System. Basically a werewolf can't be an elemental god at the same time. Basically giving them their own status level system with similar benefits. I spent quiet a bit of time hashing out how to do this and creating some of the initial structure in the code to make it possible. The werewolf items i created for Wendalshens is to provide a taste of how the final version of the dynamic will be like.

You will also start seeing some other new mobs out there while traveling around. These will be Cannibals and Necromancers. These mobs will not stop spawning when the holiday ends. These are a permanent feature. These are not top tier mobs either.

As with the Werewolves, the Cannibals will appear as humanoid murders, but have the title "the cannibal". They do have a possible chance drop Cannibal Loot Chest with 3 items. These items are also effected by your status level. So when enhancing, you the same precautions. These items are the Cannibal Pitchfork, Skinning Knife, and Hatchet. The Skinning Knife, will produce creepy messages while you are fighting. The messages appear randomly, not all the time, and as system message along the left side of the screen in red much like when someone other then yourself dies. The Hatchet has unlimited uses as a tool. The Pitchfork only has the effect based on your status level.

The Necromancers will appear much like Calous in the Valley of the dead does. They are about just as tough. The necromancers also have a chance drop loot chest. The items you could get from it are not new. They are also possible to get in the Temple of the Dead. all of them are actually connected to an Item that not many know exists, called the Rod of the Lich King which is created by combining certain items. This loot chest will provide a few more chances to get the Rod.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday!