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December 06, 2021, 09:41:26 PM
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Author Topic: i cant see the ground  (Read 5206 times)


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i cant see the ground
« on: June 18, 2019, 08:25:47 PM »

i just logged in and i cant see the ground and i followed all the instructions but i still cant see the ground and i want to go to the event on Saturday and not be stuck in my house :( , does anyone know whats wrong or what im missing??


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Re: i cant see the ground
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2019, 11:27:18 PM »

Did you unpack the dtpatch1.4a.zip file into your ultima online classic folder? Inside the dtpatch1.4a.zip file should be a music folder and 24 other files that you need to put into the ultima online classic folder. it would have asked you if it should overwrite the existing files in which you should have said yes to. if you did all that check to make sure there are two files named Igrping.dll and Igrping_.dll. if you dont have these or you only have one of them, then you will need to redownload the patch. If you have both of these, you will need to check your razor settings.

When you first open razor there is a field at the top titled load client. by default this field will say something like 2d client auto detect. you dont want this.  click the browse button to the right of it and direct this to your correct folder for the client. It will not automatically find the correct client folder. You want it to be directed to the client folder where you unzipped the patch. when your done, razor should reflect this change in the client load field. In the middle of the first razor window is a field called UO data Directory. you will want to set this field just like you did with the client load field. make sure when your done that you click the button that says make these settings default.

If you downloaded the patch on the 16th or 17th you may need to redownload it. I had to reupload dtpatch1.4a.zip late on the 17th because the original file was missing the Igrping.dll and Igrping_.dll for some reason. it should be in it now.

if you try all this and it still doesn't work. You know how to contact me personally.